Soma 500mg

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Pain o Soma 500mg

Soma is considered as one of the best pain relief medication for treating acute to chronic. Soma 500mg is a very potent and strong painkiller.

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Soma 500mg is a skeletal muscle relaxant. Musculus-skeletal conditions and the Painful injuries Soma are prescribed.  People suffering from pain can buy Soma online 500mg from our online pharmacy. By making use of our genuine online store, you can get this pain medicine at an extra discount price. Making this drug even more affordable for many customers worldwide.

Side Effects

Please refer the following chart for the most common side effects

Soma 350mg Side Effects
Feeling Dizzy
Chest Pain
Fast pounding heart beat
Painful Urination
Swollen Glands

If you, however, notice you are having much severe side effects such as convulsions or loss of vision, please immediately get help from your doctor.


IndicationsSoma 500 mg
Acute Pain2 times a day
Musculoskeletal Pain Conditions3 Times a day

Soma is not a recreational drug and should not be used as one, it can turn fatal for you
Above Dosage instructions are for reference purposes only, only a certified physician can recommend you the right dosage depending on your body


Pain o Soma India
Pain o soma 500mg
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Soma Side Effects

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