modafinil long term effect

What is Modafinil long term effect?

Modafinil long term effect

Modafinil is becoming increasingly popular in student circles and among corporate executives.

People are tempted by its ability to improve one’s focus, memory, and also by its potential to keep one awake and stimulate for hours.

Modafinil’s ability to overrule the sleep-wake cycle makes it helpful for treating conditions like narcolepsy (excessive uncontrollable daytime sleepiness) that involves dysfunctions of the cycle.

It can also help to get over the symptoms of desynchronization, a sleep disorder that can affect those who travel quickly across multiple time zones.

Modafinil also can be useful for patients experiencing chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis with following daytime tiredness.

Normally, Modafinil is considered as a safe miracle drug. It’s well-researched and has been used by millions over the last three decades. Pharmaceutical companies, medical journals, and blogs and have been praising benefits of Modafinil for years. We all know that Modafinil can be advantageous in the short term for memorising or completing hefty tasks, but what about Modafinil long term effect?

Side Effects

Modalert 200mg
Running Nose

Avoid consuming more than 400mg a day. The recommended dosage is not more than 200mg a day. If you need to take more than the daily recommended dosage, make sure it is not your first ever dose and do your own research or consult a doctor.

A very rare case of Steven Johnson’s Syndrome (SJS) has been reported after consumption of Modafinil. Minor skin rashes would be a common and less serious side effect and should not be mistaken for SJS.

Statistics says it all

There is always a hounding doubt that somewhere along the line there will be a terrible side effect or that Modafinil may cause some neurological snagging. Nobody knows the truth.

The pill has been in the existing since the 1970s and most research and studies seem to suggest that it is very well condoned by the human body. Only about 5% of people have had certain reactions to this medication, leaving the rest 95% free of any negative impact.

Most findings conclude that low dosages of Modafinil make it much easier for the human to concentrate while high dosage (more than recommended) could, on the contrary, affect the concentration abilities. In other words, it works differently for different people.

A bit of science

Modafinil is considered as a eugeroic medication. Eugeroics, also known as wakefulness-promoting agents, is a compound that puts the brain into a state of attention.

It is able to notify the brain to enter  the “wake” mode. It does this by interacting with some of the neurotransmitters which are used to regulate our sleep-wake cycle.

Modafinil works by arousing the waking side of the nervous system. It causes a release of an endorphin known as orexin, which the brain operates to carry the effects of the awakening part of the nervous system.

Modafinil long term effect

Modafinil long term effect
depends on its ability to increase endorphins and when used in higher than recommended dosage it can potentially cause addiction, depression, and hormonal imbalance. The long-term effects of the overdriving sleep-wake may cause chronic insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration, and anxiety.

Clinicians and researchers have spent numerous hours observing and documenting the effects of Modafinil both in the short-term and long-term. Although the possibility of Modafinil’s long term effect being negative is low, sticking to the recommended stage and using common sense are the best ways to deal with potential of getting a negative long-term impact of using Modafinil.

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