Modafinil first safe smart drug.

Modafinil first safe smart drug.

Modafinil first safe smart drug
Modafinil first safe smart drug

Researchers from Harvard and Oxford universities have said, after performing a comprehensive review of the drug. That modafinil is the most secure “smart drug” in the world. They concluded that the drug which is consumed by healthy people has improved in decision- making, problem-solving and possibly even make people think more creatively.

Researchers have said that there is less information available of modafinil for the long-term use. Researchers have also found that the drug appeared safe to take in the short term, with few side effects and no addictive qualities.

Modafinil first safe smart drug has become rapidly common in universities across Britain and the US. Modafinil prescribed in the UK as Provigil, was licensed in 2002 for use as a treatment for narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a brain disorder that can cause a person to suddenly fall asleep at inappropriate times or to experience chronic pervasive sleepiness and fatigue.

Modafinil is easy to buy online- used primarily by people wanting to improve their focus before an exam. A survey of nature journal readers suggested that one in five have used drugs to improve focus, with 44% stating modafinil as their drug of choice. Due to increasing popularity, there has been little consensus on the extent of modafinil’s effects in healthy, non-sleep-disordered humans.


A new survey of 30, we have found that the drug has many positive effects in healthy people, including enhancing attention, improving learning and memory and increasing something called “fluid intelligence” – essentially our capacity to solve problems and think creatively. One of the studies also showed that modafinil made tasks seem more pleasurable. The longer and more complicated task tested, the more consistently modafinil conferred cognitive benefits, the authors of the review said.

The reviewer has identified negative effects – including one study that showed that people already classed as a creative saw. A small drop in creativity- were reported in a small number of tasks, but never consistently. It added that the drug exerts minimal effects on mood, and only causes minor side effects. Side effects such as nausea, headaches, and anxiety. Although these were also reported by people who took a placebo drug.

Ritalin is another a smart drug which is prescribed for ADHD. Ritalin has many negative side effects, said Anna-Katharine Brem, a co-author of the review, published in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology. The effects of modafinil on the healthy people, the drug increases blood flow to brain areas serving attention and learning. Modafinil can increase the brain activity in areas thought to act as “conductors”, which manage skills like memory, reasoning and problem-solving. It has been seen that “Modafinil first safe smart drug” that is reasonably safe for healthy people.”

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