Modafinil and alcohol

How mixing modafinil and alcohol could be a prudent choice

How mixing modafinil and alcohol could be a prudent choice


Many people are concerned whether using modafinil and alcohol is safe and recommended or can cause potential issues, whether short-term or in the long run.

It is generally advised to use any amount of nootropics, be it natural or synthetic substances consumed by healthy individuals in order to improve mental performance or resist fatigue, in moderation. More so in case of alcohol which can have damaging effects on liver and other internal organs, and have long lasting effects on the brain.

At the same time, there are no formal recommendations against mixing modafinil and alcohol and very less research data is available on this in the public domain.

Let’s consider ways that modafinil and alcohol could be used together and possible outcomes based on the limited literature available as well as users’ experiences.

Modafinil and alcohol could be consumed together intentionally to improve the effect of each.

Many people using modafinil and its alternatives to enhance performance, boost memory, focus and motivation or to inspire creativity and intelligence believe mixing modafinil and alcohol could effect in better, prolonged alcohol tolerance which basically mean you do not really feel as drunk as you would otherwise feel. The other side of the coin is that mixing them could then easily result in over drinking and massive hangovers.

mixing modafinil and alcohol
Blackouts with modafinil and alcohol

There are instances where people consuming modafinil have experienced blackouts after mixing modafinil and alcohol, there are people who have reported feeling more high than they would otherwise feel, but with no significant amount of studies on this available it is difficult to arrive to any standard recommendation of usage. A lot would depend on person’s overall experience with mixing both as well as quantities consumed and many other contributing factors.

It is important to note that as with any other medication, the correct and safe dose for a person depends on multiple factors, including weight, metabolism, gender, individual drug tolerance among others.

Healthy individuals taking Modafinil for its cognitive-enhancing effects have reported that mixing Modafinil with alcohol may cause blackouts. Others experience a heightened alcohol tolerance and difficulty feeling drunk despite having more drinks than normal.

Another situation is when both of these are mixed unintentionally, and this seems the most common case. Many people using modafinil in the morning to enhance productivity during the day, in order to complete a complex project or prepare for an exam, for example, would then relax in the evening, or even the next day, with a peg of drink in a company of friends.

As modafinil stays in the system for around 10-12 hours, which in some cases could extend to 15 hours, mixing could happen unintentionally. And as in the previous case, it all depends on the doses as well as individual tolerance to both, Modafinil and alcohol.

While one would definitely prefer to have more data on use of Modafinil and alcohol to realize its possible impact on people, moderation should remain the main guiding principle for anyone trying to mix these two, intentionally or not.


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